Oil & Gas Law


Account for the categories of risks that are prevalent in the oil and gas business and critically analyse the legal tools that could ameliorate or cushion each given risk that you examine.



Core Reading 1)
Taverne, B., (2013) Petroleum, Industry and Governments: A Study of the Involvement of Industry and Governments in the Production and Use of Petroleum, 3rd edition Kluwer Law International 2) Kim Talus, (eds.) (2014) Research Handbook on International Energy Law Edward Elgar Publishing, UK.
Recommended Reading 1)
Walde,T., Ndi, G., Waelde A., (eds) (2001) International Oil and Gas Investment: Moving Eastward? :International energy & resources law & policy Kluwer Law International 2) Roberts, P., (2012) Joint Operating Agreements A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition, Globe Law and Business Publishers 3) Peter Roberts (2013) Petroleum Contracts – English Law and Practice OUP 4) Duval, C., Le Leuch H., Pertuzio A., Weaver J.L., (2009) International Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation Agreements: Legal, Economic and Policy Aspects 2nd edn (Barrows Company, New York) . 5) Hammerson, M., (2012) Oil and Gas Decommissioning: Law, Policy and Comparative Practice Globe Law and Business Publisher 6) Smith, E.E., Dzienkowski J. S., Anderson O.L, Lowe J.S, Kramer B. M, Weaver, J.L (2010) International Petroleum Transactions (3rd edn, Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, 7) Bunter M. A. G., (2002) The Promotion and Licensing of Petroleum Prospective Acreage, Kluwer Law International 8) Alramahi, M., Karlberg, J., Moller, L., Oil and Gas Law in the UK Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional 9) Waelde T., and Ndi G.K., (eds), (1994) International Oil and Gas Investment: Moving Eastward Graham & Trotman /MartinusNinjhoff Publishers 10)Sornarajah, M., (2010) The International Law on Foreign Investment, 3nd edn Cambridge University Press 11)Hossain, K., (1979) Law and Policy in Petroleum Development – Changing Relations between Transnationals and Governments, London: Frances Pinter Publishers Ltd 12)Muchlinski, P., (2007) Multinational Enterprises and the Law 2nd edition, OUP 9 4.2 Information on

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