nursing;health policy relating to a long term condition

Your essay should critically analyse one specific health policy relating to a long term condition (LTC) and its influences on healthcare. Demonstrate an understanding of your chosen long term condition, the underlying pathophysiology and the psychosocial impact of that condition on the patient and their family.

Chosen policy = healthy lives, healthy people: a call to action on obesity in England (2011, the client thinks).
** chosen long term condition = diabetes with specific reference to obesity, i.e. obesity induced diabetes
** please note this should be related to nursing in the community and specific emphasis on role of the nurse
** furthermore, lecturer said we could critique this policy by relating to previous ones to see if there’s been any improvements (the policy before this was : healthy lives, healthy people (2010).

For this, the client would you to concentrate on any one of these:

1. the financial aspect- resourced- based on ring-fenced funding, with incentives to improve
2. addressing the root causes of ill health
3. wider factors influencing health, wellbeing and health inequalities)**

The theoretical basis for implementation in practice, the effectiveness of pilot projects or previous examples of innovative and good practice should be explored.

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