nursing;Effectiveness of maggot

Effectiveness of maggot debridement therapy on chronic wound in adult patient

This section requires you to:

• Use the PARIHS (Rycroft-Malone, 2002; 2004) framework to facilitate the integration of your evidenced based change into a specific clinical setting
• You must address all three core elements of the PARiHS framework (Rycroft-Malone, 2002;2004), evidence, context and facilitation. 
• You must critically debate a minimum of one relevant sub element under each of the three core elements
• You must critically consider the patient/service users/relatives preferences/perspectives toward your proposed change in the evidence section of the PARiHS framework (Rycroft-Malone, 2002; 2004). 
• Briefly summarise the likely outcome of your proposed change/your proposed facilitation strategy.

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