Nursing: Hospital cardiac arrest

In adult out of hospital cardiac arrest, benefit from chest compressions before defibrillation.
Need to find 6 articles if possible. Systematic Review on this PICO question and critically appraise and synthesise the evidence.

Appraisal of the Literature
This chapter should demonstrate an ability to critically appraise and synthesise the evidence.
There should be a clear decision making trail through this chapter leading to judgements on the quality of the evidence and hence what evidence can be discussed in relation to promoting evidence based practice. This chapter should include an evaluation of the overall body of literature as well as critiques of key individual studies.
In summary:
• results of the search activity 
• selection of the key papers and hierarchy of evidence
• critically discuss relevant research methodology, approaches and methods used in the literature retrieved using a thematic and integrated approach throughout
• pertinent ethical issues related to the appraised research studies.

Excellent critical appraisal skills evident throughout demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of research methodology, approaches, methods, tools etc. using a thematic and integrated approach. Decisions distinctly & consistently articulated and supported by the quality of evidence. Exceptional adaptation and use of critical appraisal tools. Ethical issues clearly identified and discussed consistently.

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