Nursing homework help

Estimated time to complete: 4 hours
Create a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the claim submission-completion process flow.

  • Audience: Patients of your health care organization
  • Objective: to educate patients on the life cycle of a medical claim, providing transparency about the timeline and challenges associated with claim submission through completion.
  • Length: approximately 6 slides, including title and reference slides.


  1. Include explanations for each slide in the speaker notes (approximately 800-1000 words total)
  2.  (Links to an external site.)Include smart art to illustrate a process flow
  3. Do not over-crowd slides with text or graphics
  4. Proofread for grammar and mechanics.
  5. Include a reference slide, listing any resources/references used to create this assignment. You must cite resources using correct APA formatting.
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