Nursing case

1st case respiratory: 44 year old Asian woman: history of cough 48 hours: past and present history;
asthma, diabetes t2, Give differential diagnosis (what it might be rule out tb, pneumonia etc no recent foreign travel) lead to viral cough.

2nd case: 48 year old Caucasian man (builder) past medical history: tonsillectomy, x smoker, came to clinic with chest pain. Rule out differential diagnosis (ie mi copd) lead to muscular sprain.

3rd case study 60 year old Caucasian woman (office worker) came with gastric upset, past medical history; x smoker, hysterectomy. Rule out differential diagnosis leading to probable diagnosis; gastritis.

Follow synopsis guidelines, each case study is 500 words.
Use calgary-cambridge problem solving framework, justify using it against other examples of frameworks. Use up to date referencing eg: NICE. Use at least 5 references per case study.

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