Nursing Assessment

Nursing assessment based on a scenario. You should complete part 1 (1,500 words) and part 2 (1,500 words):

Part 1: Analyse the nursing assessment

You have been given a nursing assessment based on a scenario. In answering the first part of the assignment you may wish to consider the following (with reference to current evidence throughout):

– Briefly explain what a nursing assessment is – no more than a paragraph
– Does the nursing assessment demonstrate good practice in any areas, why is it good practice? 
– Identify any missing information from the assessment considering the scenario, and offer rationale for its inclusion,
– Describe nursing interventions arising from the assessment and scenario.

Part 2: Focus on the implementation of more advanced therapeutic interventions

In answering this part of the assignment question you may wish to consider the following:

– Choose one area to focus on, and give a rationale for your choice.
– Describe your choice of intervention and why it is important
– Describe HOW the nurse may apply the interventions, giving a rationale.
– Suggest tools that may be used with a clear rationale.
– Conclude by discussing the good points of the intervention and any thing missing or that could be added, and drawing together an argument for whether or not this is a good nursing assessment and intervention overall. 

The above questions are for guidance only; your assignment should read like an academic essay, with no bullet points. You may use a sub heading to indicate where part 2 begins. Ensure that you include an introduction and conclusion.

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