NTD Capital’s board of directors

Prepare a Report for NTD Capital’s board of directors that appraises the site’s physical and planning issues that will help inform NTD’s future plans for the site. An important aspect of the Report is to identify the factors that you consider carry the greatest risk in the project and how these may be mitigated.

Task 2 (40%):

Provide a site layout plan for a scheme that aligns with the local authority’s aspirations and policy for the site. The site layout plan should include a schedule of the various forms of accommodation in the proposal.

The site layout plan should include:
– the location of the various uses on the site;
– the number and size of units you consider will be acceptable by the local planning authority
on the site;
– the provision of access routes to and around the site;
– proposals for soft landscaping around the site.

Comments on the plan are not included in the overall word count.

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