Newspaper Article

From any newspaper or news magazine (such as Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report) choose an article that deals with a macroeconomic topic in depth. The following must be covered in your assignment: 1. Write a summary of the article. If the article you have chosen is too short for a 2-page summary, choose another article! (Most newspaper articles will be too short.) Your summary should also answer the following questions –  How does this article relate to material covered in class?  Does the author’s point of view agree or disagree with the class material?  Does the article make sense? (Sometimes they don’t!) 2. Include a separate listing of all macroeconomic terms used in the article along with definitions for each. There should be at least 3 macroeconomic terms defined. If your article does not have 3 macroeconomic terms, choose another article! 3. Attach a copy of the article to your written work. Your written work must be:  typed in black ink  double-spaced  no larger than 12-point font size  margins may be no larger than 1” on all sides  use a spell check  use good grammar Your written work will be graded on economic content and on the use of the English language. Points will be deducted if there is poor grammar, spelling, or other instructions are not followed. Work not typed will not be graded


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