Networks and Data Communications

(1) Describe at least three examples that show the importance of data communications in your daily life. When doing so, elaborate on the system being used, the communications medium, and the purpose of the systems (i.e., pay bills, search the Web, work-related tasks, etc.).


(2) What is a domain name? How is it used on the Internet? Name the top five domain types used on the Internet. Be specific in your answer.

(3) The TCP/IP protocol suite appears to have no equivalents to the OSI session and presentation layers. How are the services provided by those layers handled in TCP/IP? Be as specific as you can when you refer to the particular services provided by those layers.

(4) Explain the operation of the Address Resolution Protocol.

(5) Describe authentication and authorization.  Which depends on the other?  How and why are these processes more complex in a modern networked organization than within an organization that supports all information processing with a single mainframe?


(6) Describe Packet filtering and Application (as known as proxy servers) firewall types and how each can improve system security.


(7) Multiple choice


a)  ____ avoids the potential inefficiencies of CSMA/CD because no transmission capacity if wasted on collisions and retransmissions.


a. Bus topology


b. NIC


c. Token passing


d. TCP




b) Under the ____ media access strategy, collisions are allowed to occur, but they are detected and corrected.


a. token passing




c. TCP






c) Which physical topology type connects all end nodes to a central node such as a hub or router?


a. Bus              


b. Cluster


c. Ring


d. Star




d) In a network using the ____ topology, messages are passed from one node to the next until they reach their destination.


a. Ring                                                                                                      


b. Bus


c. Star


d. Logical



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