Network security issues and solutions

You are a member of an IT team of professionals working at an organization that provides computer networking and network security services. John Smith is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Southworth-DeSassure Enterprises, an organization with offices in the United States. You have been contracted to identify network security issues and provide recommendations for resolution that will benefit the organization. Information about the organizational structure is below.
Organizational Structure:
Southworth-DeSassure Enterprises employs 500 people that work in two locations within the United States: Seattle, Washington and Dallas, Texas.  Southworth-DeSassure Enterprises generates $500 million in annual revenue through its business model, a huge target for hackers or criminals. The business has a presence on the web. The primary data center is housed at their primary location in Dallas. The Seattle office houses a backup/failover data center. The Dallas site building office has four floors and the Seattle site building office has two floors. At the Dallas site, there are 20 network connections on the 4th floor, 80 network connections on the 3rd floor, 100 network connections on the 2nd floor, and 100 network connections on the 1st floor. The data center is also housed on the 1stfloor. Both of the floors at the Seattle location have 100 network connections each.The two sites are linked to one another through a dedicated connection.
Through VPN services, employees have the ability to work on the network from any location. Employees have company-issued laptops that can be docked when working in the office and taken off-site for remote access. Also, employee-issued devices are running Windows 10 and their server is running Windows 2012.
Your team task is to address two network security problems that this organization’s network faces and use scholarly research to help document the findings.

Preparing your paper:
Your team makes up the nature of Southworth-DeSassure Enterprises’ business and will need to identify the type of business. Your team may assign additional configuration or networking policies to help the organization.Identifying a particular type of business or a particular network configuration may help your team identify problems. For example, if Southworth-DeSassure Enterprises is a social networking company, that maypresent a unique set of problems that are different from a printing company. Your teamwill need to identify and address through research what are some of the networking problems and provide supporting recommendations with source material. Half of your sources should be scholarly.

All teams are required to use Microsoft Word to prepare their final paper for grading.
Using APA
Your paper should be formatted using APA guidelines andcontain the following sections:
· Title Page
· Table of Contents (Use the auto-generation features in Microsoft Word for the TOC)
· Abstract
· Main Body
o Introduction
§ Problem Statement
· Research Question
o Literature Review – scholarly articles, technology articles
o Methodology
o Findings
o Conclusion
· References
· One person in your group should submit the paper on behalf of the group. 
· As a team, you will have the option to submit your paper to iLearn twice.
· For the first submission, your team paper will receive a SafeAssign score in the form of a percentage of the likelihood that your submission was plagiarized. 
· If the SafeAssign score is under 20%, then we assume there is no plagiarism and your group will not need to resubmit the paper again.
· If the SafeAssign score is above 20%, then there may be some issues of plagiarism that will need to be addressed to prevent your group from receiving a failing grade for the course. 
· If your teamreceives a SafeAssign score that is higher than 20%, please ask us for assistance and we will help you reduce it. 
· The second submission of the paper is the last chance for your group to receive a SafeAssign score of under 20%.


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