Morgan State University Real Applications of Limit and Continuity Project Essay

I’m working on a Calculus exercise and need support.

Project Description:

Pick a problem (application of limits and continuity to other majors or real life),

Your project should include the following:

1. problem statement: state the problem with details

2. Mathematical solution: Use the concept we have learnt in chapter 2 and solve the problem mathematically.

3. Conclusion, interpretation: briefly interpret it and bring a conclusion.

Your project can be as short as 2 slides to maximum 5 slides.


Topic is optional, go and read and see what you can find in your major or in area of your interest for which you need to use limit or continuity’s concepts to solve it. Applications to other sciences are also acceptable. Also, equation of tangent line is included in chapter 2 so that could be an option as well.


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