Module 02 Course Project – Announce Topic

How are your two philosophers coming along? Take time to finalize your search for the two and write your faculty member a paragraph in which you announce their names and the one area of political thought for comparison. In a sentence or two, explain what draws you to this focus.Check the Course Project – Introduction page in module 02 for details about the original assignment.  Note. Research and writing are fluid and alive. If for some reason, you feel you need to change your philosophers or area of political thought, do it sooner rather than later, and be sure to inform your faculty member – with a rationale. Course introduction is below:Course Project Introduction:Course Project OverviewThe course project requires you to research and write an analytical paper comparing and contrasting the political views of two philosophers on one of the following areas:a.Human Conflict – the nature and causes thereof.b.The best or best possible cooperative social arrangements, capable of resolving or diminishing society’s common problems.c.The moral foundations of political legitimacy (what is the good state).d.Who should govern – one, few, or many?Within your paper discuss how the views of your two chosen philosophers on the one chosen political issue relate to that same political issue today. Share your own well-supported views on the matter in a conclusion.Due Date:Your final project is due in Module 05. There will be individual assignments along the way. The module they are due is noted in the time line below.Time Line:Module   Assignment-02   Announce Topic03   Detailed Outline, Annotated Bibliography05   Final Project DueRequirements:Your paper should be 6-8 full pages in length, plus a cover page and a References Page.Choose from philosophers you have been studying in this course. One example: compare and contrast the views of Plato and Karl Marx on who should govern. If you want to choose a philosopher not covered in the course, check first with your faculty member.As you write, keep the following in mind:•Use clear, concise, complete sentences, transitions between paragraphs, standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation.•Include at least six citations from different research sources. At least three should come from your college’s online library. Other options include reliable, collegiate level sources on the Internet and your own local library. Follow APA format for citing your research sources. For APA guidelines, go to your college’s online library which you can access through the Resources tab.Evaluation:Each assignment leading up to the final project is evaluated and graded independently.Political Science


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