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Assignment: Early Childhood Career Opportunities

Interest in child development and the field of early childhood care and education has been growing for many years. Currently, due to the increase in public awareness as well as research validating the vital role that the early years play and the positive impact of quality early childhood care and education, there are more professional opportunities related to working with children and families than ever before. Some of these include: working directly with children from birth to age 8 and their families (teaching or assistant teaching in a variety of care and education settings); taking on administrative roles in programs that support children and families (directing and assistant directing in a variety of programs); and working at the local, state, national, or international level on behalf of children and families (in hospitals and health services, departments of health or education, child care resource and referral networks, state licensing organizations, and international advocacy groups). As well, there are openings for qualified instructors at community colleges, four-year colleges, and graduate schools.

Assistance has also dramatically increased for those who are beginning their studies in child development and those who want to advance in their careers. Not only do many states have “career lattices” that support furthering one’s education, but there has also been a national movement to provide scholarships, monetary supplements, and grants to students pursuing early childhood education degrees.

This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to explore a variety of career options in the early childhood field and to reflect on your career goals and plan for professional development.

Part 1: Begin Your Career Exploration

You will review a wide range of career choices in the early childhood field, then create a Career Profile Form for a career that interests you most at this time. Before you begin researching various professions, download and review the Career Profile Form (provided below):

Click here for the Career Profile Form

With the questions on the form in mind, click on one or both of the following Web sites and look over the professions listed.

Part 2: Research

Next, learn more about the profession you have chosen at the following Web site:

Use this Web site by either typing the profession of your choice in the “Search” window or by clicking on the category closest to your choice in the list that begins with “Child care workers.” Once you have selected one of these categories, scroll down to review all of the information. (Generally, the information is pertinent to most occupations in a specific category. However, the “Earnings” section at the bottom of the page provides specifics as well as links to information on related careers.)

Part 3: Share and Learn

Finally, share your Career Profile with your colleagues in this course by posting your completed Career Profile in the Doc Sharing area (located at the top of the classroom). Save your Career Profile as CP+last name+your first initial. Post your Career Profile to the Doc Sharing area by Day 7 of Week 8.

Then, review at least two Career Profiles posted by your colleagues.

For this assignment, submit:

  • Your Career Profile
  • A 1-page summary of the following:
    • The insights you gained about career opportunities in the field
    • How this information might impact your own career choices and/or professional development
    • You will also be expected to reference at least 2 other students Career Profiles

Assignment length: 2 pages

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