MILT 525 BDSTCU Bounce Living the Resilient Life Book Review & Critique Discussion

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Book Review and Critique: Bounce: Living the Resilient Life

1 APA source (APA 7TH EDITION)


Book Review and Critique Instructions
The student will write a 5-6 (not including title page or reference page) book review and critique of Bounce: Living the Resilient Life by Wicks (2010) that will consist of an introductory statement, summary, personal reflection, application and conclusion.
Title of Your Paper
A clearly articulated introductory paragraph which clearly describes the author’s intentions and a brief description of how the paper will be written.
The summary will be a concise, yet complete synopsis of the text which key ideas and concepts are identified and discussed.
Personal Reflection
In the personal reflection section, the student will identify and discuss key concepts with which s/he agreed with as well as those disagreed with or found troublesome.
Concepts you Agree With
Concepts you Disagree With
As a trained resiliency counselor / caregiver identify the following:
Concepts Applied to Military Personnel/Families
Identify and discuss key concepts that that you could use with military personnel and their family members
Concepts Applied to Resiliency
Identify and discuss a minimum of three concepts that would assist you in remaining resilient
A thoroughly articulated conclusion that summarizes the key points addressed in the paper.
Organization and Style
Students will use the current APA standards and template provided and present ideas in a professional (graduate level) writing and academic voice. Points will be deducted for failure to follow APA formatting, which includes the use correct APA headings, proper citations, and references. A title and a reference page are to be included; however, do not include an abstract. Limited to no more than 2 direct quotes.
Review the assignment grading rubric to ensure that you address the grading requirements. Submit the assignment to Safe Assign.

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