Medical Ethical Case Analysis

You will be given a scenario detailing a common ethical dilemma faced by Family NP in clinical
practice. You will discuss the scenario and explore the issue in depth within the context of an
ethical framework. Based on discussion, you will write and submit a paper that describes the
ethical dilemma, identifies relevant ethical principles, analyzes the issue using a framework, and
suggests alternatives for resolution.
You should reference at least 3 scholarly articles and required text books that inform either the
ethical dilemma and/or its resolution. Reference should be related to New York law and not
older than 2010. Also, must use required text books as your reference. You will prepare a 6 page
double-spaced (not including title page and references, using APA.6 writing guidelines) formal
paper on an ethical dilemma in patient care.
Please refer to the grading rubric for details about the paper. Use the rubric to
analyze how you would proceed if you were Ms. K’s FNP. Must use and follow
Robichaux’s ethical decision-making model! (Pls strictly follow uploaded
“framework” file)
Ethical Case: Miss K is a 32-year-old HIV positive drug abuser who has been hospitalized on
two occasions for bacterial endocarditis. Each of these hospitalizations was characterized by
noncompliance with treatment and struggles with the medical and nursing staff. She now has a
third episode of endocarditis secondary to her drug use. She has severe mitral regurgitation and is
in need of valve replacement. Miss K’s physician asked you to speak to her and questions
whether your team should provide her with a valve replacement? Should Miss K receive care
given that the infections were caused by her drug use?
Helpful readings:
1. Lo, B (2013). pages 3 -18 (Chapters 1, 3,4, 6 – 11)
2. Robichaux, C ( 2012). Developing ethical skills: From sensitivity to action. Critical Care Nurse. 322
(2), 65-69.
4. Teitelbaum &WIlensky (2017). Chapter 1,3,6
Required text books:
Lo, Bernard (2013). Resolving ethical Dilemmas: A guide for Clinicians. FifthEdition. New
York: Wolters & Kluwer.
Teitelbaum, J. B., & Wilensky, S. E. (2017). Essentials of Health Policy and Law. Third edition
Burlington, Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett.
Helpful resources:
Sessums, L et al (2012). Does this patient have medical decision-making capacity? JAMA. 306
(4), 420 – 427

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