Media, Culture and Society 1718

1. Explain the differences between the approaches of Hesmondhalgh and Toynbee, on the one hand, and Curran, on the other, to addressing the problem of media theory

2. Can the dominance of neoliberalism be explained in purely economic terms?

3. How can the notion of the imaginary be used to understand social reality?


4. Why can the historical development of the internet be explained in terms of competing imaginaries?


5. How is the development of the internet understood as contributing to social acceleration?


6. What, if anything, is new economically about the internet?


7. How is entrepreneurial subjectivity represented in The Social Network and Steve Jobs?


8. How can the relation between freedom and precarity in contemporary culture industry be understood?


9. Has the internet produced new forms of subjectivity or re-mediated old ones?



10. Are self-exposure and surveillance compatible characteristics of internet mediation?

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