media corporation

Choose one media corporation as a case study and critically analyze its media power.

The case study essay should include the following aspects:

Media ownership
Media policy relevant to its development
Media markets: process of commercialization
Media users/consumers

Any graphics, tables, diagrams are to be referenced, not created. 

There is some confusion about which organisations can be used in the final assessment.
All the case studies that have been outlined in detail during the semester cannot be used:

•News Corp
•Time Warner


Graham, Murdoch, ‘large corporations and communication’, in Culture, Media & Society, Michael Gurevitch, Tony Bennett, James Curran and Janet Woollacott, ads., London: Methuen, 1982, pp. 125.

Janet Wasko & Eileen R. Meehan, ‘critical crossroads or parallel route? Political economy and new approaches to studying media industries and cultural products’, cinema journal 52 (3), spring 2013.

Des Freedman, ‘paradigms of media power’, Communication, Culture & Critique, June 2015, Vol.8(2), pp.273-289
Scott, Fitzgerald, ’structure of the cultural industries – global corporation to SMEs’ in the rout ledge companion to the cultural industries, ed. Kate Oakley and Justin O’Connor (London: Routledge) (2015

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