MATH 145 Moraine Valley Community College Graphing Functions Practice Problems

Question Description

Solve the questions in a simple matter but must show work.

Find the derivative of the function. 1)y = x3 x – 1 1)

2)y = x + 1 x x – 1 x 2)

3)y = (-3x + 7)5 3)

4)q = 20r – r7 4)


5)y = ln(x – 3) 5)

6)y = ln x x5 6)

7)f(x) = 8e12x 7)

8)h(x) = ex 8×2 + 7 8)


Provide an appropriate response. 9)Find an equation for the tangent to the curve y = 27 x2 + 2 at the point (1, 9). 9)

Find all values of x for the given function where the tangent line is horizontal. 10)f(x) = x (x2 + 3)3 10)

Find the future value. 11)$1972 invested for 12 years at 4% compounded quarterly 11)

Find the present value of the future value. 12)$11,000, invested for 4 years at 3% compounded continuously 12)


Solve the problem. 13)Find the required annual interest rate, to the nearest tenth of a percent, for $1100 to grow to $1400 if interest is compounded continuously


14)How long will it take money to double if it is invested at 8%, compounded continuously? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.


Solve the problem. 15)The concentration of a certain drug in the bloodstream t minutes after swallowing a pill containing the drug can be approximated using the equation C(t) = 1 6 4t + 1 -1/2, where C(t) is the concentration in arbitrary units and t is in minutes. Find the rate of change of concentration with respect to time at t = 12 minutes and intrepret the results


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