Marketing Strategy: The UK supermarket industry

The UK supermarket industry continues to change in dynamic as the existing players (the ‘Big Four’) are placed under increasing pressure from the German discounter brands Aldi and LIDL as well as changing consumer buying habits, and more recently external pressures in the economy and political arena including ‘BREXIT’.

Task 1 (40%) 
With reference to researched material, critically analyse the role of strategic & tactical marketing in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage for a supermarket retailer such as Tesco . (Please note: your response is not limited to Tesco and Aldi alone and you should draw upon researched (and referenced) examples of your own) 

Task 2 (35%) 
For a country of your choice present an analysis of the business environment for supermarket retailers utilising appropriate tools of internal and external analysis such as Porter’s Five Forces and PESTLE analysis. Follow this by making recommendations as you feel appropriate for participants seeking competitive advantage going forward. 

Task 3 (25%) 
Discuss the value and limitations of localisation as a strategic concept with reference to the international supermarket industry. You may wish to conduct some research into Tesco’s failed foray into the US market with their ‘Fresh & Easy’ brand as part of this, although ensure you balance this with other examples and appropriate academic reading and underpinning) 

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