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I need help on marketing class.the paper about Automotive Sales Industry “Ray Skillman Auto Sales”. Paper should have a cover page, have references as end notes, use 12 point font, and be at least 20 pages of content plus references.

The paper should follow this outline:

  1. Industry Analysis (5 -7 pages)

Description, competitive environment (# of businesses in the local market and market share), recent sales, and industry outlook

Complete a SWOT analysis for the overall industry


  1. Firm Analysis (7 – 9 pages)

Description, business history, management structure, current marketing strategy with examples; financial analysis

Complete a SWOT analysis for your specific firm

Include a competitive analysis, noting at least three of the top competitors and brief business history


  1. Marketing Recommendations (7 – 9 pages)

Referencing the seven marketing tools used by Stringcan (listed below), describe two marketing project/campaign examples for each tool, for a total of 14 marketing recommendations.   Include a description of the type of campaign, content ideas, target market, and how campaign will be promoted.  Social Media should be included throughout.


The seven tools and their descriptions are:

1. Lead Generation Websites: We create websites that work for you to make money and drive leads. Sites can be landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, eCommerce sites, membership sites and more. All are fully optimized to increase your web traffic, SEO and overall ranking.

2. Content Marketing: Creating, sharing and managing all the content you need to drive, nurture and educate prospects and clients. We create content worth sharing through blogs, social media, emails and more.

3. Video Marketing: We help you develop a promotional strategy to educate your prospects and clients on your products and services by using short, attractive and informative videos. The whole process includes strategy, direction, editing, producing and the filming.

4. Marketing Automation: We simplify and streamline your marketing efforts through our marketing automation platform. Using email, text, CRM and social media to help you know and grow your business.

5. Graphics: We use graphics to showcase your services in the most visually appealing and informative manner possible. This includes brand development, logo design, web graphics, presentation, digital booklets, print graphics and webinars.

6. Tele-education Strategy: We make the calls. We work with you to build your database and then we call them on your behalf. We educate qualified leads through a webinar hosted on our stream platform and then drive them to action. Our tele-educators setup appointments, qualify your leads and follow-up.

7. Viral Contest Marketing: A Lead generation, validation and amplification platform designed to increase the power of any marketing campaign by turning one potential customer into thousands, and then qualifying their interest through lead and hot lead generation.

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