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Service Encounter Journal

This exercise will heighten your awareness of services businesses and how they perform from the customer’s perspective. Two of the modules will ask you to complete a service encounter journal entry. The due dates will be in the schedule. The encounters will be ones you typically encounter each week so they should be easy to find–doctors, dentists, banks, insurance companies, auto service, telephone companies, credit card companies, lawn service, football game, golf lesson, hair styling, etc. The journal entry form is the one used for a market research technique called Critical Incident studies in Chapter 5. The entry should focus on: 1) when the incident happened (satisfying or dissatisfying?) 2) what circumstances led up to this situation? 3) what did the employee (or firm member) say or do? 4) what resulted that made you feel the interaction was satisfying or dissatisfying? 5) what could or should have been done differently?
Please try to have a variety of services in your entry. A total of 2 journal entries is required; you should select from the following:
1. One personal service-haircut, oil change, health club, MBA program, etc.
2. One financial service-bank, investment, tax return prep, insurance, etc.

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