marketing ;Company/organisation/industry


You are asked to prepare a digital marketing plan for a company selected for you by the Module Tutor. The plan needs to provide: 

– Clearly defined strategy with SMART objectives. 
– Defined target audiences and a positioning strategy
– Digital journey and Digital Personas identified
– Clearly defined promotional mix tactics (inc Social Media schedule & content)
– Relationship management tactics
– An implementation plan including evaluation and control mechanisms
– An indication of where revenue/benefits will be achieved and where costs incurred

A full cost/benefit analysis or budget is not required.

Your digital marketing plan should:
a. Be written in a report format and be suitable for use by the organisation.
b. Provide realistic strategies that can be implemented by the organisation
c. Address all sections outlined above
d. Outline the use of all digital technologies not just a website
e. Not refer to academic theory but source all secondary data if used
f. Not discuss how to design and build a web site

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