manangement;East Asian organisation

The case study is based on an East Asian organization requiring a turnaround strategy:

This will identify the details of an East Asian based organisation that has a specific strategic problem(s), which needs a turnaround or retrenchment strategy. For example, the problem may be the result of unsuccessful previous strategies, changes in market demand, or changes in competition, or a combination of factors. The problem should exist now, or have existed in the previous 12 months. The case organisation may be a private business (sole trader, partnership or company), social enterprise, or public body. Your case description should be based on secondary data, ie. public domain knowledge, and primary research is not expected. However, if you have access to primary data, e.g. you work for the firm or have contacts in the firm, you may use such primary data. 

The Case Study: (1,000 words +/- 10%)

1. The case study is based on an East Asian organisation requiring a turnaround strategy 
2. The chosen organisation and the scenario will be original and interesting, and less likely to have been chosen by other students 
3. The scenario will be based on a strategic issue 
4. The two questions should be; original and interesting, allow a range of possible answers/responses, allow theory from the course to be used, unlikely to lead to overlapping content or repetition in answers 
5. Good use made of secondary research (and if primary research is used it should be well integrated and suitably used) 
6. Suitable and effective structure, style and presentation, and free of language errors 

The Teaching Note: (1,000 words +/- 10%)

1. The teaching note details multiple possible answers with analysis and evaluation 
2. Both answers make use of the literature and theory learnt in the module 
3. The case study and teaching note are suitably integrated and sufficient information was given in the case to answer the questions satisfactorily 
4. Suitable and effective structure, style and presentation, and free of language errors 
5. A minimum of 10 reference sources from academic journals and books 

Think of this as your ‘model answers’. For each question, you should provide details of at least two possible / acceptable answers. Remember, case answers should be given in the form of a conclusion (e.g. this is what you should do) followed by evidence of how you arrived at this conclusion. It may be appropriate to spell out the learning outcomes of the case.

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