Managing Operations, Information, and Knowledge

Learning Outcomes addressed:

(Please don’t answer these; answer the assignment set inside)

1. Recognise the importance of a strategic approach to the development and deployment of organisational information systems.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of databases and their integration to the organisation’s overall information management.

3. Evaluate the contribution of lean systems and supply chain management to competitive advantage.

4. Critically evaluate the requirement for development and assessment of quality in the design and delivery of products and services.

5. Demonstrate a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the organisation and information factors affecting the planning, management and delivery of products and services.


You are required to conduct a research assignment on the effects of 3D printing in relation to Operations and Information Management. You should produce a 3000 word individual report on the role of 3D printing. Your report should not be company specific but you are allowed to select an industry sector in order to focus your analysis.

You should use theoretical frameworks that were presented in the module to support your findings suggestions and recommendations. You should include evidence and examples from more than one organisation within your selected industry sector wherever possible

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