Managerial Accounting

Requirements for week 2:

R1(about 1 hr). Learning objective 1 is designed as a self-study topic. Read the parts of chapter 1 that are related to the SEC, FASB and AICPA. Then complete R1 in Assignment 1. You can find the answers from the following websites:



R2 (about 30 mins). Read “GAAP and IFRS” in “Reading materials” and skim through the following article

Then try to answer R2 in Assignment 1.


 R3 (about 20 mins). Learning objective 3 is designed as a self-study topic. Read the part of chapter 1 that is related to SOX before you try to complete R3. You can find answers from the following website:


R4 (about 20 mins). Read “Searching financial statements.pdf” in “reading materials” and go to Find Apple Inc.’s 10-k form for the fiscal year ended September 24, 2016. Submit the link of the 10-k file you’ve found.


R5 (about 30 mins). Review the debit/credit rules (from last week) and complete journal entries for transactions #6, 9, 11, 13, 21, 23 &25 in the mini-project using the templates provided.


R6 (about 30 mins) Read “Periodic v.s. perpetual.pdf” in “reading materials” and answer question R6.


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