management of mantal health at work

Mental Health Essay
Mоdule 06172 – Mental Health at Wоrk – 3000 wоrd essay

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The assignment brief is given below.

Essay deadline 4th December 2017 – 3000 words (penalties will apply if length exceeds +10%, i.e. max word count over which penalties will be applied is 3300 words)

To contain;
Main discussion body
With Harvard Referencing

Areas to be assessed are:

Discussion of causes of mental health disorders

Discussion of effects on health
Challenges faced by employers in managing mental health disorders in workplace


To provide an overview of the size of the mental health ‘problem’ within workplaces and its implications on workers’ health and wellbeing.
To develop students’ understanding of the financial, moral and legal imperatives on employers to manage mental health at work.
To develop students’ understanding of early intervention and prevention strategies to support mental health and well-being within the workplace.


Mental health disorders are a leading cause of long-term absence in the workplace.

Taking into consideration current research, relevant legislation and both national and
international drivers:
Discuss causes of mental health disorders and their effects on the health of individuals.
Critically analyse the challenges faced by employers in managing mental health disorders.

Double line Spacing

****”Please note the topic is not medicine and health but ‘Health and Safety’ but this was not available in your list of subjects so I was asked to select medicine.”


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