Management of Change

To what extent does organisational structure and culture     inhibit or promote change in your organisation, to what extent         could the application of a change model help or hinder       operational change in your organisation and what are the      implications for you?

General Guidance:

Do not carry out general internet searches – instead use the module reading list on Blackboard or

Support all statements/evidence with references

The WHOLE assignment is required to be written in THIRD person

This means that even the section on your own role is required to be written in the THIRD PERSON. 

Do not write I or me or our or us etc.


Essay title: Managing Change in an Organisation- RasGas Company Ltd

This is a 4000 word structured essay which further builds on the skills of academic research, referencing, writing and reflection, with an application to the student’s own work environment.   At the end of the module the student  should be able to:



 Aim of the Assignment: This essay will a)explore the impact of  structure and culture on an organisation’s ability  to promote or inhibit change; what is meant by strategic and operational change , the rationale for change and an example of an operational change within (own organisation); b) explore theoretical change models and organisational and individual responses to change , with an application of a change model to an operational change within (own organisation); c) explore the role of change agents, with an application to the operational change within  ( own organisation) and a reflection on own role within the operational change , with implications for the future.  

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