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  1. Read the following article:
In no less than 50 words, what did you learn from the article that could help you respond to the emotional states of co-workers in a workplace?

  1. What are the alternative approaches to:

a: guilt; and

  1. pity that could be used in the workplace?


  1. Describe a decision-making process you have undertaken that took into account the emotions of others. What was the decision and how did it impact on the individual concerned?
  2. Scenario: You work for McDonalds (or a fast food store with which you are familiar) as a team leader where you supervise 5 other staff.One of your colleagues (another supervisor) has told you that some of your staff have been complaining and are not happy. Instead of talking to others, you would prefer that your staff discussed their thoughts and feelings with you.


  1. In this situation, what could you implement?
  2. Outline one method that you can use to assist others to understand the effect of their (the staff that are not happy and talking to others about it) behaviour and emotions on others in the workplace.


  1. Imagine that you have a co-worker who finds it difficult to manage their stress. They often have a short temper with their colleagues and have often felt so stressed that they are close to tears.


  1. Develop a plan for your co-worker containing three actions or behaviours they can adopt to self-manage their emotions.Develop a three-step plan for one of your peers which will help them to develop their emotional intelligence.

Within your plan, consider how the person can build productive relationships and maximise workplace outcomes.
You may use the following table as a guideline for your plan:

Steps Impact


  1. Imagine you are working at McDonalds (or again a store you are familiar). Identify and outline two potential opportunities to utilise emotional intelligence to increase team performance for the organisation.


  1. Why is it important to encourage a positive emotional climate in the workplace? Explain in no more than 100 words.


  1. Again, imagine you are working at McDonalds (or again a store you are familiar) as a team leader. As a team leader, you use the strengths of your team members to achieve workplace outcomes. List five workplace outcomes that could be achieved by taking this approach.

Part B

  1. Answer each question in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements for each one.


  1. Give examples of three strategies that you can use to improve your emotional intelligence?


  1. Describe the relationship between emotionally effective people and the attainment of business objectives in no more than two paragraphs.


  1. Describe two ways that you can communicate with a diverse workforce which has varying cultural expressions of emotion.


  1. Describe two ways that emotional intelligence can be used to build workplace relationships?


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