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Respond to each of the following questions using both   theory and practical managerial thinking.

  • Examine and apply the consumer-buying process for BMW. Identify the steps                  and the application to BMW. How does this process assist the        marketing     team     at   BMW?
  • How could data analytics be used to research the consumer in order to                  ensure a strong understanding of overall business and marketing      outcomes   at           BMW?
  • Within the case, several clearly different target markets are identified.                  What does BMW do well to target each of these groups, and what      could   it     do       better? Within your response, include the process of            segmentation.

Your Part 1 response must be at least two pages in length. Follow APA Style     when creating citations and references for this assignment. Note that you will     submit Part 1 and Part 2 in one document.

Part 2

Complete a case analysis of BMW. This requires that you conduct research on     BMW beyond the case study material in the textbook. In the case analysis, you     will look at the situational analysis, problem, and alternatives, and you will     provide a recommendation. Refer to the instructions below as you construct   your   analysis.

  • Situational Analysis
    • Discuss the external environment through the compilation of a PEST                                  (political, economic, sociocultural, and technology)                   analysis.
    • Discuss the internal and external environment through the compilation of                                  a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,      and         threats)                   analysis.
  • Problem
    • Identify at least one organizational problem that BMW is currently                                  having or one in which you project it will have in the          future.         Base     this             upon your research and      critical     thinking.
  • Alternatives
    • Compile three or four potential marketing-related solutions to the                                  problem above. Remember that these are potential          alternatives;     you         will     not         select all of the          alternatives to solve the         problem.
  • Recommendation (Marketing Strategy)
    • Select one or two of the alternatives above to solve the problem that                                  you identified in this case analysis.
    • Discuss your rationale for choosing these and not the others. Include                                  supporting research that will increase the depth of          your                analysis.

Part 2 must be at least four pages in length. Follow APA Style when creating    citations and references for this assignment. Support Part 2 with at least     three  sources. As aforementioned, keep in mind that     Part 1 and  Part 2 will be submitted in one document.


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