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This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to research the    marketing methodology of an existing publicly traded company; using a publicly    traded company will provide you with access to a greater amount of information    to complete this assignment. As you research this company, apply the   theoretical  learning from this course.
Include the sections below in your marketing plan.

  • Introduction: Include a brief introduction of the  company.
  • Competitive Analysis: Who are your company’s competitors, and  how is each        differentiated? Identify two or three strengths and two or three     weaknesses     of your company compared to a minimum of two of your company’s     competitors.
  • Marketing Strategies: What are the marketing strategies  used by your        company in the management of the global customer brand? Use the  four Ps in        your analysis, which are listed below.
    • Product: Begin with  a theoretical definition of a product. What is the              product/service offering by  your company? How did the development of          these     new products affect your  company’s marketing      strategy?
    • Place: Begin with a theoretical  definition of place. What are the              distribution channels used by your  company?
    • Price: Begin with a theoretical definition of price. What is  the              pricing strategy used by your company?
    • Promotion: Begin with a  theoretical definition of promotion. What are              the traditional and digital  methods of marketing promotion used by      your         company? Explain a minimum of three  traditional and three      digital     methods.
  • Competitive Advantage:  Identify whether your company has a competitive        advantage in each of the areas  of the four Ps. Remember that your company        could have a competitive advantage in  one area and not in another. Include        supporting rationale.

Your submission must be in essay format and use subheadings. You need to    include a minimum of five scholarly sources (no blogs, no Wikipedia), and  three   must be peer-reviewed sources. Your scholarly activity must be  at least six pages in   length, not counting the title page and references page.  APA format is   required.


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