Management and Organisational Behaviour

Executive summary (about 200 words)

A summary of the entire report (not an introduction – a summary)


Introduction (about 300 words)

An introduction ‘sets the scene’. By that I mean it introduces the topics and tries to engage the reader. For example, why are these topics important to managers and organisations? If you read the assignment brief carefully, you will see there are three topics mentioned: 1. The topics you choose (either Personality and individuals differences or Attitudes and job satisfaction. Not both) 2. Motivation at work and 3. Organisational behaviour. Briefly introduce each in turn.


Then the introduction should state the aim of the assignment and how it will be structured.


Analysis (about 1,500 – 1,800 words)

            •           Select one of the following paired areas below associated with Part 2 of the Human Dimension of the programme.  Using theories and models from your research critically appraise and evaluate their relationship to Motivation at work.

            •           Personality and individual differences

            •           Attitudes and job satisfaction

            •           Analyse the impact that your selected topic will have on an employee’s motivation at work (include a relevant motivation model or theory) and to the Organisational Behaviour.


Consider, for example, why study the topics? How are they useful to organisations? How are they useful to managers? What are the key theories/models? Why is motivation important? How does a knowledge of the topics help (or hinder) employee motivation? Why are the topics important in understanding employee’s behaviour at work? Critique them i.e. what are the limitations? What might not work in this region? Etc. etc…


Consider a variety of theories and models and use examples.


Note: The question mentions using ‘theories and models from your research…’ this means from your literature research of the topics. It does not mean primary research (i.e. conducting field work yourself).


Conclusion (100 – 200 words)

Conclude by summarising the most important points from your analysis


            •           I would like at least 10 references (with at least 3 from journal articles)

            •           Remember the marking criteria (see the appendix of the programme handbook)

Further general advice – Consider the following:

            •           What am I expected to find out about – what is the question asking?

            •           What do I know about this topic? How much information has the tutor already given me?

            •           How much time can I give to this particular project?

            •           Must answer the question!

            •           It must be your own work

            •           Must provide an informed answer to questions – not opinions! i.e. arguments and explanations should be supported by reference to relevant evidence (literature)

            •           Demonstrate critical thinking

            •           Use organisational examples – you will find many of these as you read around the topics

            •           Well referenced

            •           Always aim for a professional look and ‘feel’ to the report


            •           Use diagrams/tables etc. where appropriate – but apply them. 

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