MAN 3240 Eastern Florida State College Motivation Discussion Questions

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Motivation is hugely important for our course and in general so I am looking forward to reviewing an excellent discussion here.

Please choose any four of the five following discussion questions (these are found underneath ‘Discussion Questions’ on page 186) and respond appropriately:

6.1: Which of the outcomes in Table 6-2 are most appealing to you? Are you more attracted to extrinsic outcomes or intrinsic outcomes? Do you think that your preferences will change as you get older?

6.2: Assume that you were working on a group project and that one of your team mate was nervous about speaking in front of the class during the presentation. Drawing on Figure 6-3, what exactly could you do to make your classmate feel more confident?

6.3: Consider the five strategies for fostering goal commitment (rewards, publicity, support, participation and resources). Which of those strategies do you think is most effective? Can you picture any of them having potential drawbacks?

6.4: How do you tend to respond when you experience overreward and underreward inequity? Why do you respond that way rather than with some do other combination [found] in Figure 6-6?

6.5: Think about a job you’ve held in which you felt very low levels of psychological empowerment. What could the organization done to increase empowerment levels?

After posting your main post, review your classmates’ responses, then choose one where your opinion differs and using your voice, respectfully disagree with your classmate on the concept that you chose and provide support for your differing viewpoint.

In order to be eligible for full credit, the responses must be comprehensive and contain information from the chapter and/or research (with citations (Links to an external site.)), have the main post posted before the Wednesday immediately preceding the discussion closure date, and have at least one substantive response to a classmate.

I look forward to the exploration of these concepts!


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