Love For All

A newly founded charity, “Love For All”, has approached you in order to learn more about human behaviour. Their volunteers have a diverse range of experiences, but currently they do not have any volunteers with a background in psychology. In order to help improve their marketing and fundraising activates, they have asked you to develop a simple yet comprehensive model to help explain human behaviour. 

You will need to research existing theories and models and collate the relevant theories into one novel model (presented as a figure). In order to explain your model they have also asked you to write a short synopsis explaining what theory(ies) you have used and why you think it is relevant to behaviour change.

Try to design your own model of behaviour change -try to come up with something to explain how do people make decisions or how do people change their behaviour. Come up with a graphical diagram to explain it – you’ve got 750 words to explain it and one A4 page to come up with some sort of model.

This is based on Health behaviour change and nudges and behaviour change from a clinical and health perspective. 

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