Louisiana Purchase

Student will get extra credit for 7-8 sources.

Topic: Investigate the decision of Thomas Jefferson to purchase the Louisiana Territory of 1801,

Double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 point Times New Roman, page numbers except title page, Word format, title page and references page, 6 sources, 3 must be primary.

Must be able to pass SafeAssign

Introduction (1/4-1/2 page): Last sentence or two should state thesis. Thesis must identify the motivation of the person.
Main section #1 (1 page): Primary objective is to help audience gain proper historical context by describing an explaining the background and buildup to the historical decision – set the stage.
Main section #2 (1.5-2 pages): Analyze all options available to the person that made the controversial historical decision and then explain motivation of the person making the final decision. Provide specific quotes, detail, examples and other evidence to support thesis.
Conclusion (1/2 page): Restate thesis and bring closure. Explain the larger significance of the decision. Why was it important?



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