llc cm personal development for study & employability


The first Semester teaching is intended to equip students with the study skills they require to perform at Masters level in their chosen discipline. The taught content is therefore concentrated into the first part of the Semester so that the student has the required skills before they need to tackle assignments for other modules.


BSP030 teaching begins in week 1 and runs until week 6. In addition, extra sessions will take place in weeks 7 and 8. There will be a lecture available online in weeks 2 to 6 via the module Learn page. It will be the student’s responsibility to view this before attending the lab session. Each student will have a 2 hour practical session each week in one of the computer laboratory rooms.


Students must check their individual timetable for their allocated time and location and must attend the correct session each week.



1) Assessment


In Semester 1 there is one assessed element plus one compulsory element that is marked but does not contribute to the module grade.


a) The assessment is a written assignment, the details of which are given in the individual coursework document.


Students will work individually to complete a document that will demonstrate the skills they have learnt in the module. Students will receive help and guidance in the computer laboratory sessions. Use the template available on the module Learn topic and this includes a Coursework Cover Sheet as the first page. An electronic copy should be submitted via the Learn module.


Full details of the assessment criteria are explained in the individual coursework document.


The submission deadline is 2pm on Tuesday 28th November 2017 (week 9).


b) The compulsory element is an online academic scholarship test.


This test is compulsory for all students; you will be given full instructions on how and when to attempt this test in the lab session in week 2. The test can be found on the Learn topic in the Semester 1 Assessment block. There is a pass mark of 70% and you have a maximum of 5 attempts.


The deadline is 12pm on Monday 13th November 2017 (week 7).



2) Learn 


A Learn site supports this module and contains links to various resources which will be added to as the module progresses.  Copies of the module specification, module outline and coursework document can be downloaded from the Learn site. Lecture slides and all hand outs will also be available to download.




3) Recommended Reading


There are a large number of books published in this area.  Due to the nature of this module and your own individual preferences there is no one recommended text.


If you wish to purchase a text book the following companies all have a range of books on skills for students. Many of them also have useful companion web sites.


Palgrave MacMillan:


Pearson Education: 


SAGE Publishing:



Examples of suitable text books can be made available to look at in the computer laboratory sessions if students would like to have a look at them before they decide to purchase their own copy.






4) Schedule of taught sessions


The computer laboratory sessions in week 1 – 6 are compulsory. The topic for the week will be introduced in the online lecture and the laboratory session will build on the lecture and give students the opportunity to practice the required skills for themselves. Students should view all of the lectures and attend all of the laboratory sessions in order to gain the maximum value from the module as the skills build up each week.






Finding business information – practical skills

Searching reputable sources

Loughborough library catalogue and databases

Effective choice of keywords, use of Boolean operators


Understanding journal articles and assignment details

Overview of assessment

Note taking skills for lectures and individual study

Sections of a journal article or business report


Finding business information – gathering and understanding information

Assessing what you already know

Performing an effective literature review

Definitions of primary and secondary data

Qualitative versus Quantitative data


Critical analysis

Analysing the information you have found

Understanding the authors affiliation and intention

Critique of methods and analysis

Understanding bias


Academic writing and incorporating your sources

Appropriate language styles for each section e.g. factual, persuasive, and critical

Developing an argument

Effective use of literature and secondary data

Incorporating sources effectively without plagiarising

Using supporting evidence effectively


Citation and referencing

Effective citation

Avoiding plagiarism

Harvard referencing using Cite them right

Constructing a reference list


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