Legal Writing Assignment #4 Trial Brief write  a  trial  level brief as the attorney for defendant  in support of your legal position as to why the tape of defendant should NOT be admitted into evidence.  In preparing your brief, please note the following:Following the template from  njcourts  also posted in announcements  last week and discussed at length in class, the brief should contain the following sections , doubled spaced:TABLE OF CONTENTS; 1 pagePRELIMINARY STATEMENT: 1 concise   paragraphSTATEMENT OF FACTS:  1-2 pagesLEGAL ARGUMENT: At least 4 pages, with citationsCONCLUSION:  1  concise paragraphTABLE OF AUTHORITIESFor this assignment you do NOT need to do a cover page, table of judgments/orders, table of appendix, or an appendix.Political Science


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