Legal issue

Identify a legal issue facing a company, company’s in general, debt or equity markets, or businesses anywhere in the world. Examples might include, corporate inversion in the US, the effectiveness of the German supervisory board structure in light of the VW scandal, the effectiveness of insider trading laws in Australia, gender diversity on boards, the role of independent directors, does ASIC need additional powers, weaknesses in the continual disclosure rules, shadow banking in China, the dangers of so-called ‘dark-pools’, how will block chain technology transform equity trading etc. You should NOT use these examples. 

The client does not require speech notes. 

Prepare a powerpoint presentation addressing the topic you have selected. It can have graphics, animation etc. It must be eight slides in length.

No audio should be included in the slides. 

You must insure the: 

– Quality of Topic: the more interesting, contemporary and sophisticated the topic, the better the grade will be.

– Quality of the Research: You need to research your topic. You must have references to the material you have relied on. The more thorough and in-depth the research is, the more grades will be awarded.

– Quality of the Writing: Grammatical errors, typos etc. will result in grade depreciation. 

– Quality of Presentation: The more compelling the presentation is, the better the grade will be.

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