Lean Manufacturing& Quality Applications

Select 1 from the following and evaluate the effectiveness of lean within your chosen area. There are some video links that can be used to support your research and understanding


Automotive Industry

Aerospace Industry

Food Industry









From the flipped learning content and videos include some of the tools and techniques of lean manufacturing, such as 5s, visual management, kaizen. In your report include evidence related to the areas as below relating to the Knowledge and Understand Criteria. It’s also essential that you show clear understanding in relation to manufacturing wastes, and effective team working.


There is support materials available to you on NILE. Also I would refer you to the Lean Toolbox by John Bicheno






Your Evaluation and report should be a minimum of 1250 words and a Maximum of 1500







Knowledge and Understanding that should be evident in your assignment.


a)            critically evaluate the options that link design, manufacture and setup

d)            critically evaluate the relationship between suppliers, manufacturer and customers (QCD)


Subject Specific Skills


e)            select and justify appropriate solutions for the reduction of manufacturing wastes, and improvement of efficiency

g)     propose and justify a quality control system for a specific production line



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