Leadership and management

This module will provide the student with the opportunity and theoretical knowledge necessary to develop critical reflective skills for the support the development of enhanced professional practice in nursing. It will enable the student to develop and utilise problem-solving strategies to explore current and contemporary health and social care practice in a variety of settings.

Outline Content:

· Concepts of leadership and management

· Change management

· Working within and across teams

· Quality, clinical effectiveness and clinical governance

· Commissioning care

 · Inequalities, priorities and resource allocation

· Managing conflict and complaints

· Critical incident management

· Emergent changes in health care provision

· Contemporary and innovative nursing practice

· Teaching and presentation skills

· Legal, ethical, political and professional implications of managing care

· Medicines management – nurse prescribing, Patient Group Directions Module Learning Outcomes: Teaching and Learning Strategies: On completion of this module students will be able to: Programme Outcomes NMC Domains

Provide critical and reflective analysis of complex aspects of nursing practice in relation to the principles of leadership, management and team working which respects the contribution of patients, carers, health, social and voluntary services.

Synthesise evidence to support proposals for innovation to enhance quality and equity and improve health outcomes.

Critically analyse how emergent policy, social, environmental and ethical factors will influence the provision of health and social care.

Critically appraise research and evidence based practice to inform decision making and evaluate care.

Critically evaluate the value of your professional contribution to service improvement, in the context of collaborative, inter professional working.


Develop critical and analytical skills as a reflective lifelong learner which recognises the need for continuing professional development. 

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