Law For Property Professionals

Take one currently relevant Statute of your choice (applicable to England) that is in significant substance related to property, real estate, planning or construction.

You should clearly explain the intended purpose of the Statute.

You should then proceed to explain and analyse, succinctly, the importance and relevance of the Statute. How and why is it important? Is it the whole of the Statute that remains important as drafted or merely Sections of it – explain and comment. Reference academic and professional practice papers commenting on that Statute.

Research around three cases (legal cases, common law) that have been determined with reference to your chosen Statute. In turn comment and analyse how those cases have helped to clarify (or work with) the provisions of the Statute you have chosen.

Provide some key case comment on your chosen cases and link the comment in to the relevant sections of the Act. In reality a good piece of work here will require you to read the Statute and also the actual case reports themselves (not mere reports of reports).

Explain what is meant by legal precedent, and illustrate how the case law you have commented upon provides legal precedent when considered with the Statute you have chosen.

Case citations should be in italics for a very good answer.

The work should be referenced and for very good answers referenced to the Statute and actual case decisions.

The conclusions reached should be supported. A very good answer may also relate the chosen Statute to others and also provide comment if appropriate on how case law has impacted on prior Statutes in the same area if relevant.

There is a deliberate opportunity for the marker to be flexible around the overall quality, or otherwise, of a given answer.


Law For Property Professionals



Statute; relevance, description and purpose, accuracy


Statute; analysis and importance – citations and support


Case law; description and linkage with Sections of Statute




Quality of English and professional brevity






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