Land/property Law;[Rimer LJ 2011]

1. ‘The essential purpose of the scheme created by the Act…is to provide…a comprehensive and accurate reflection of the title to registered land at any given so that it is possible to investigate the title online with the “minimum of additional enquiries and inspections” ‘ 
[Rimer LJ 2011] 

To what extent is this an accurate statement of the operation of land registration at present?

2. Silky purchases the registered freehold title of Glenacres a large country etreat, from Victoria for GBP 1.5m. Glenacres includes a house, an orchard, a small barn and a large barn. Silky did not visit Glenacres before buying it at auction, only viewing it in the online auction catalogue. When Silky arrives at Glenacres for the first time he finds that the large barn is occupied by Perry, who is using it as part of his soap making business. Perry claims to have a deed giving him a five year lease of the barn. Perry also reveals that, two months ago, Victoria entered into a contract to sell him the freehold title of the Barn at the end of his lease term. Upon entering the small barn, Silky is shocked to find it had been converted into a residential lodging and occupied by 7 men. Further enquires led Silky to discover that the men are migrant workers from the neighbouring farm owned by Smith. Smith holds a document termed a ” license agreement” where Victoria has granted him exclusive possession of the small barn for the use of his workers at a monthly rent of GBP 1000. The agreement states that Victoria reserved the right to allow any of her bridge club friends to stay over in the barn if a game at her house finished late. However, since the licence agreement was drawn up in 2015, no friend has needed to stay over. Silky also meets Ashley, Victoria’s grandson, in the kitchen of the house. Ashley is a football prodigy who plays for the Armoury, one of London’s leading football teams. Ashley explains that he lives at Glenacres, and he is just back from spending the last six months at the Armou residential training ry’s academy in London. He tells Silky that he used the fee Armoury paid him when he needed them to help Victoria buy Glenacres. Silky sees William, a neighbouring farmer, walking through the orchard to reach the main road. William claims that he has the right to do so.

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