Laboratory practical – human biochemistery and metabolism lab of monitoring and diagnosing diabetes mellitus.

Question and answer: five questions each, 200 words max for each.

Question one requires a created graph + mean and SD calculation. 

The client has attached results.

BY205 Diagnosing and monitoring Diabetes Mellitus – Assessment tasks

There is no need to write a lab report of the methods or the aims of the class. Use the data collected in your class and your biochemistry knowledge to answer the questions. The word limit is 1000. 

References and text used in graphs or tables does not count towards the word count. 

1. Collate and tabulate the results of the OGTT analyses from your class, use these to calculate the mean and standard deviation and present these graphically. Finally determine the reference range for glucose at each time point. 
(20 Marks)

2. Compare and contrast the use of the (OGTT) to determine blood glucose concentration with the measurement of HbA1c?
(20 Marks)

3. Present the results for patients 1 and 2 and explain (1) why we measure urine protein in these patients and (2) why microalbumin levels are more clinically informative 
(20 Marks)

4. What are the possible diagnoses for patients 3 and 4 and outline further appropriate tests that could help confirm your suspicions? In addition highlight any appropriate treatment strategies you would advise.
(20 Marks)

5. Explain why patients with diabetes mellitus are at increased risk of adverse coronary events when compared to a healthy population
(20 Marks)

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