Key agents (dealer, curator, critic, collector) and his/her position in the art market

Discuss academically the role of one of the key agents (dealer, curator, critic, collector) and his/her position in the art market.

In this paper discuss the role of a Art collector and his/her position in the art market taking a Case study approach looking at specific individuals. 

Art collectors the client has chosen for the case study: Frieder Burda and Christian Boros

Points to cover is the art market and what it is etc also touching on primary and secondary markets and then discussing the role of the art collector in the art market


Upon successful completion of this unit you will be able to demonstrate to an appropriate level:

1. The ability to sustain a focused study and gain depth of knowledge and understanding of a subject within cultural history and theory (MC Subject Knowledge, MC Personal and Professional Development)

2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how to employ research, analyse and
critically evaluate information (MC Research, MC Analysis, MC Experimentation)

3. Adopt academic conventions in the formulation of ideas, arguments and their resolution in a reasoned and succinct manner supported by a bibliography and visual sources
(MC Communication and Presentation)


Assessment Requirements:

The work for this unit will be assessed holistically (tutors will look at all the work for the unit and make a single judgement against the marking criteria).

To evidence your achievement of the learning outcomes of this unit, you are expected to undertake and submit the following:


One 2,500 word essay 

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