journal entries ,surviving bullying

You must include a minimum of three supporting texts as part of
your independent study.
At least one journal entry per text, addressing the following:
1. What is the invited reading of the text?
2. What are possible alternative or resistant readings of the
3. How have particular groups/individuals/men/women/etc.
been represented?
4. How has language been used to construct these
5. Identify key themes operating within the text. How have
these been established?
6. Who has power in the text? What types of power exist –
economical, moral, and cultural?
7. Whose voice is given privilege? Whose is marginalised?
8. Who has been excluded or silenced completely? What
impact does this in the construction of the invited reading?
9. What values/attitudes/ beliefs are being supported or
challenged? How has the author/director achieved this?
10. What are the underlying ideologies given privilege
in the text with reference to the theme?

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