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For this assignment you will be writing a critical analysis on the topic of the privacy concerns surrounding “Facial Recognition Technology”. Your analysis should focus on following: Identify and summarize what Facial Recognition Technology is currently used for in government and businesses. Critics of Facial Recognition Technology which includes The American Civil Liberties Union (Links to an external site.), ACLU. The ACLU is criticizing state governments such as Ohio who are implementing the system. What is the ACLU concerned about with regards to certain abuses by the government? How would an individual’s privacy rights be violated if Facial Recognition Technology is used by businesses? How could businesses abuse this technology in advertising campaigns? Who are the advocates of this technology and what is their argument regarding potential privacy violations? As a future IT manager, imagine that you are being pressured by your company to implement Facial Recognition Technology. You are aware that the general public is not aware of the potential privacy issues. How would you handle this situation? You should provide at least three resources for this analysis. You are welcome to use online resources except for Wikipedia or any other open source resource. Be sure to use proper grammar, spelling and APA citation for this assignment. Use 12 point Times New Roman font and double space your paper. You should have approximately 3 – 4 pages for this particular assignment.

This is due in 24 hours.

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