Is the patient’s consent is necessary in all cases in order to get approval from the insurance company

Please read the following note carefully

1_ you need to use Oscola style

2_ the general principle of patient’s consent is always required in matters of medical treatment

however, there are several cases where the patient won’t be able to give his consent in order to get

approval from the insurance company for instance, if he is in coma or serious condition so you need

to outline these cases when the patient can’t give his consent and what is the responsibility on the

hospital in this case.

3­ Given that this is a Master’s degree module, merely showing an understanding of the relevant

material is not sufficient. You are expected to have a command of the material and to use it to

develop your own questions and thoughts. You must support your assignments with reference to

relevant materials (such as case law, legislation, and other sources, including textbooks, and

academic sources, such as journal articles etc).

4_ please bear in mind that I am an international student in your writing style.

5. Please be careful with pleasuresim as our university is very stric In this regard.


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