introduction, learning style and role of educator,evaluation method

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Introduction (5 points) 1-2 pages

Purpose: Broadly introduce the topic or question. Justify the need for this project. Describe the problem. Identify the setting. Provide evidence of congruency with applicable professional standards and guidelines. Identify how this project contributes to the health promotion, illness prevention, risk reduction strategies or restorative care of diverse populations. Support this assertion with statistical data and from national (Healthy People, NINR) and /or international (WHO, UN) initiatives. Identify the scope of the project. What is the end product?

Learning Styles (5 points) 1-2 pages

Address the learning styles and needs of a variety of learners (for example: at- risk, international, educationally disadvantaged, physically challenged and second degree learners) from a culturally diverse background. Describe learning strategies needed to address diverse learning styles. Identify planned teaching strategies for the project audience.

Role of the Educator (5 points) 1-2 pages

Address the role of the educator based on the NLN Core Competencies for Nurse Educators as related to the project focus. Discuss the competencies that are relevant to the project.

Evaluation Method (5 points) 1-2 pages

Describe the evaluation method and justify in relation to the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains as identified within the project outcomes and objectives.

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