Interpretation poem

Creative Interpretation Interpret one of the poems from the course In a new material form: visual, sculptural, audio, video, and/or digital. Successful creative interpretations will go beyond portraying the thematic content of the poem and represent its formal, historical, and/or material aspects as well. Demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the poem. Rate a meaningful and complex relationship between materiality and meaning. Show that significant thought and effort has been put into the project. Your interpretation should integrate the complete text of your poem into the project in some way so that your Interpretation could be understood by an audience that hasn’t read the poem. Please note that a broadside does not meet the “significant thought and effort” requirements of this project. 2.
Essay Write an essay of 900-1200 words that analyzes your chosen poem and articulates how your artistic choices in your creative interpretation respond to specific thematic, formal, historical, and/or material aspects of the poem. Successful essays will give relevant background information about the poem. Offer a thesis statement that clearly articulates how the creative interpretation uses material features to respond to the poem. Analyze specific aspects of the poem? quoting where appropriate?that are relevant to the project’s artistic choices. Leary describe how the project uses specific material features to construct an Interpretation of the poem. Be written In a formal academic style. You can assume that your reader has seen your project, so you can focus on analyzing rather than describing it. You can use “l” in this essay to refer to your choices, but the essay should focus on the poem and the project rather than your pinions, beliefs, motivations, etc. Your creative interpretation will be due in person during our final class session on Wednesday, June 4 at 3:30.
Your essay will be due online by Monday, June 9 at 3:mom. Please note: the poem you choose for this project must be different from the ones you choose for your micro-essay portfolio and your broadside. Final Project Grading Rubric Creative Interpretation poem, including relevant formal, historical, and/or material aspects. Execution. The choice of medium is fruitful for the project; specific material choices are interesting, meaningful, and effective. Effort. The project demonstrates a significant amount of thought and effort.

Essay Poem Analysis. The essay offers a compelling analysis of the poem, focusing on aspects most relevant to the project and quoting where appropriate. Project Analysis. The essay analyzes specific material choices of the creative interpretation in detail. Organization & Writing. The essay has a clear organizational structure, including an introduction, paragraphs with topic sentences, transitions, and a conclusion; the essay uses formal academic prose conventions.

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