International Relations; UN Security Council.

Please select one of the following: 

1. Is direct military action the best way to deal with the problem of terrorism?

2. Evaluate the case for reforming the UN Security Council. 

3. Is a world without weapons of mass destruction foreseeable?

4. Are people threatened by discrimination best protected by their governments or by international law?

5. Is humanitarian military intervention in the affairs of another state ever justified? 

6. In a world of sufficient food why do so many people die of starvation and hunger?

7. Can global poverty be ‘made history’?

8. Why, in spite of great controversy over their use, are economic sanctions an increasingly popular option for the UN Security Council?

9. “Environmental scarcities are already contributing to violent conflicts in many parts of the world. These conflicts are probably the early signs of an upsurge of violence in the coming decades that will be induced or aggravated by scarcity” (Homer-Dixon 1994). Discuss.

10. Why do some people (and states) consider climate change to be an issue of critical importance whilst others do not? 7

11. Is it appropriate to consider HIV/AIDS as a global security issue?

12. Why do analysts differ in terms of whether or not to treat health as a matter of global security?

13. “No one country can effectively fight transnational organized crime within or outside its borders. Therefore, I submit, countries must relinquish some of their procedural or substantive sovereignty in order for the purpose for which sovereignty exists in the first place to remain intact”. (Ronald Noble, Secretary General of Interpol 2003) Discuss.

14. Since accidents constitute a bigger threat to life in today’s world than war and terrorism combined why are they rarely considered as matters of security?

15. Is it appropriate to consider natural disasters as matters of international security?

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